Fantasie’s ‘Belle’ bra celebrates tenth birthday

Belle Lingerie Madonna CherryFantasie’s classic Belle bra celebrates its tenth birthday this autumn, with a brand new cherry shade (mmmm, cherry…) being launched – as always – all the way up to a JJ cup.

It only takes a casual look at the reviews on Bravissimo’s website to sense just how popular the style is. Simple and comfortable enough for every day but elegant enough to be seen (a la Madge – so striking under sheer…), it makes evangelists out of its fans who return each season to buy the latest colour or replace the ones they’ve worn out. In fact, the only criticism I’ve found comes in the form of cries for sub-30 backs and K+ cups – which would shoot this classic in to a size-stratosphere nearing the ever popular to-an-L-cup Bravissimo Alana. Is the tweenage Belle up for the challenge?

The brand new cherry bra is available now from Bravissimo and other stockists, in sizes 30DD – 38JJ, 40DD – GG. Happy birthday Belle!

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1 Response to Fantasie’s ‘Belle’ bra celebrates tenth birthday

  1. Penny says:

    It also runs a bit large in the band and huge in the cup, I have it in 30DD and that’s a bit large in the cup despite normally being 28F (so restricted to 30 bands, should want 30E not 30D). I’m still a big fan of it.

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