Curvy Kate scoop ‘Fuller Bust Brand of the Year’ at UK Lingerie Awards

Curvy Kate Lingerie

Congratulations to Curvy Kate, who last night took home the much coveted ‘Fuller Bust Brand of the Year’ prize at the UK Lingerie Awards. It’s the cherry on top of what has been a rather delicious cake of a year for the rapidly expanding British brand, who have seen their Star in Bra competition exported to Australia and their product launch in to new lingerie markets all across the globe.

And while Freya missed out on the Sports Bra prize to Shock Absorber (don’t worry Freya, every girl over an E cup knows that your engineering skills would blow even Brunel’s mind), I have to say the biggest disappointment of the night was the marketing campaign category.  Whilst my first choice – Freya’s Bra Doctors – didn’t make it to the final, Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra outshone far and away the La Senza Cup Size Choir campaign. And while the Cup Size Choir may have gone viral, I’d take a vehemently positive celebration of diverse women’s bodies over eight models looking uncomfortably at a camera any day. They look like they’re bracing themselves for a smear test, fer-begeecups-sake…

A full list of winners is available on the hosts’ Lingerie Insight’s website here, and very well done to all. Even to the Cup Size Choir. Now pop your knickers back on dears and pull the curtain back when you’re ready…

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