1 in 4

Avon/Refuge 1 in 4 Domestic Violence CampaignAvon are continuing their fight against domestic violence with a brand new Facebook app. Teaming up with partners Refuge, the ‘1 in 4’ app calculates how many Facebook friends you are likely to have who will, are, or have suffered violence at the hands of a partner.

The app is supported by a campaign site that helps you to recognise signs that a friend may be being abused and gives advice on how to help them in clear and simple steps. It also posts this risk number to your wall, inviting your friends to also find out more. It’s a great initiative, continuing Avon’s ‘Speak Out’ campaign, which has Reese Witherspoon as their global ambassador. Aside from the misery and damage that sustained abuse (of all kinds) causes, the escalating nature of this insidious crime means two women are killed at the hands of their partner in the UK every week. It is only through awareness, education, and empowering women to speak out that we can ensure the interventions necessary to prevent this happening are taken in good time.

Even if you don’t want to use the app, please take five minutes to look at and bookmark the site. One quarter of women – of all social, cultural and economic backgrounds – suffer abuse in their lifetime. Armed with this information and advice, the next time it’s someone you love – indeed, should it ever be you – you’ll know what to do to get help.

8 years ago, I became 1 in 4 too. Let’s stop this.



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