HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIKINIS! Hmm, how to celebrate…

Louis Reard Inventing Bikini(Okay, so it’s a day late, but I did wear my Freya Cabaret bikini yesterday and as the saying goes it’s the unconscious thought that counts…)

Yesterday was the 65th birthday of the bikini, the most fun item of apparel ever invented. Named after the small Pacific atoll where the first atomic bomb was tested, the modern bikini was invented by Louis Réard (above) and appeared first on the catwalk in 1946.

For me, the bikini is all about freedom. It’s about throwing myself bare belly first in to the freezing English Channel and just enjoying it, not giving a damn about being judged for the shape of my body. (Anyone who’s ever thrown themselves bare belly in to the freezing English Channel knows, if anyone is watching you it is with concerns about your mental health AWE.)

So let’s honour this most awesome invention by gorging our eyeballs on some of this year’s highlights…

On another note, how cute is that ribboned one-piece? Could someone rework it for Summer 2012? Panache? Freya? Miss Mandalay? Bravissimo? Curvy Kate? *stares pointedly*.



Freya Bardot, out August 2011.

Panache Lucile bikiniPanache Lucile

figleaves midnight grace bikiniMidnight Grace by Figleaves

Miss Mandalay BikiniMiss Mandalay


Slinky Dip Polka Dot Halter BikiniSlinky Dip

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