Bravo Bravissimo: scorching summer lines launched

The weather might have gone a bit lacklustre, but Bravissimo’s latest summer offerings are absolutely sizzling. About half of the new lines of swimwear and lingerie added have gone directly on to the ever expanding wishlist, and it could easily have been more.  Truly, with so many pretty lines – from 28 backs to L cups – our boobs have never had it so good.  My top picks, in no particular order (clockwise, from top left) are:

The Freya Keisha (30D-38G, £29) has a gorgeous light print perfect for under a summer dress, with a light padding and push-up for a cheeky cleavage and extra support frolicking. I’ve had my eye on this for a while and hope soon it will find its way in to my lingerie collection.

This fruity Princess Gingham bikini by Faubourg (38D-38HH, £39) is the latest addition to my ever expanding top swimwear picks. Love the print, and really enjoy the mixy-matchy style we’ve seen so much this season.  Why is it not possible to live only in swimwear? Want! *dribbles*

Love the scallop edging and colour of Bravissimo’s Parisien Plume (28FF-HH, 30D-38HH, £32), and its wide size range make it a top pick for inclusivity.  The bow and peacock detailing are cute without being too chintzy too: a grown up sexy bra, but still fun.

If chintzy’s your thing though (and, from time to time, it definitely is mine), then this Panache Fern bra (30E-K, 32DD-40K, £29) is lovely: a Cath Kidston dress for the knockers in a fairly expansive range of sizes.

The very special Faubourg Fairytale bra (30D-38H, £36) has the most fabulously frilly pants and a vibrant embroidery detail that offers a little more modesty for those who usually prefer less sheer styles. It’s the most expensive of my lingerie picks, but as something a bit delicate and different I think it’s a lovely choice.

And finally, Bravissimo’s timeless Alana (28DD-J, 30DD-KK, 32DD-40L, £26) has a brand new, delicious chocolate style added to its range. Alana is a great basic – simple and great under clothes, whilst being elegant and not too t-shirty bland.  And up to an L cup, it really is the unsurpassed champion of all bras when it comes to size on the high street.

Well done Bravissimo.  Choice like this really emphasises how far we’ve come on the high street, and fills us with optimism for even better things to come.  What will they have in store for us for Autumn?

Bravissimo ship internationally and have an amazing user review function on all products to help you remotely gauge any sizing and fitting variances between brands when you can’t get to a store. Truly queens of the high street, and long may they reign. Happy shopping all! x

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