Every Body Loves Lingerie

We live in a world that idiolises smallness in women, but the lingerie industry does a spectacular job of ostracising those of us who are petite. Whether you’re narrow backed (which could mean anything under a size 12 in real terms) or small breasted, as far as most lingerie retailers are concerned you either don’t exist or you are a child.

Small Bust, Big Heart’s ‘Every Body Loves Lingerie’ campaign demands better for small breasted women usually forgotten by lingerie retailers.  SBBH argue that every woman deserves to feel good about their body, and Busts 4 Justice couldn’t agree more.  Far too much female potential is wasted whilst worrying about the way we look and whether or not we conform to an ideal.  There is no right or wrong shape (there is no ‘real’ either – all women are real: size or lack of it has nothing to do with reality, existence or gender credentials *climbs off soap box*), and we all have a right to feel good about the completely random hand our genetics dealt us.

If you’d like to support Every Body Loves Lingerie, find out how you can get involved by visiting their site. Good luck ladies!

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