Stop breast ironing

Absolutely horrified to read about the widespread practice of ‘breast ironing’ in Cameroon: where the developing breasts of young girls are burned and manipulated in an appallingly misguided attempt to combat teenage pregnancies and rapes.  Breasts are left permanently damaged, often scarred and malformed, with a high risk of abscesses, cysts and possibly even breast cancer. It is estimated that one in four girls are subjected to the practice, with that figure rising to more than half in some regions.

Only one organisation – the Association of Aunties (RENATA) – is speaking out; campaigning and providing education in an attempt to protect women from breast ironing.  I’ve e-mailed them to offer our support in any way they can think of.  But in the meantime, perhaps we could all e-mail our local MPs and ask them how our Parliament could offer its support to ensure that this practice is stopped for good.

Find out where to contact your local MP here:

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