What’s up with the Ultimate Strapless?

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless


I’ve written a lot about my love for Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless bra: their revolutionary strapless bra that as well as being sweetheart shaped, longline and low-backed, truly delivers on its promise to stay up for as long as you do. In the ultimate test, I first tried mine a couple of years ago as a bridesmaid in my Dad’s wedding. It didn’t slip an inch.

I do feel a certain degree of responsibility in my recommendations and reviews. I am aware that people may spend their money on the back of what they read here – and that’s why I am always as honest, and as balanced, as I can possibly be.

So I’m a little alarmed to hear that the Ultimate Strapless – which I have championed – seems to have recently caused allergic reactions (from the silicone strips, that stop the bra from slipping). This includes in several readers who have e-mailed me to describe identical blistering of the skin, and a good friend who started having the reactions when she replaced her Ultimate Strapless earlier this year.

It could be a coincidence of course, but given the numbers and the sudden reaction in my friend [not to mention the numerous unanswered complaints on their Facebook wall] I have reached out to Wonderbra to ask if they have changed the formula of their silicone strips. Disappointingly – especially as a blogger who has been such an advocate for their product – I am yet to hear back. If you’ve experienced a reaction to the Ultimate Strapless, I’d urge you to send me an e-mail/comment below with details [or contact me on Facebook in confidence if that’s easier], or reach out to Wonderbra directly. The Ultimate Strapless bra may defy physics – but there’s no point if the price is painful blisters that prevent you wearing bras for days.

Will keep you posted.

B4J x


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31 Responses to What’s up with the Ultimate Strapless?

  1. Penny says:

    Now you mention it I think I’ve had the same problem but it must have been from a different bra as I don’t own a Wonderbra Strapless, unfortunately I can’t remember what it was now. The skin which had been under the silicone strips went red and scabby and peeled off, and this was from one day or wearing. I think I then had to go without wires for a few days as some of it overlapped with the wires. So the problem might not be restricted to Wonderbra.

  2. Gab says:

    I’ve had similar problems and also with different strapless bras as well. I doubt it’s an allergic reaction since silicone is pretty inert, but rather abrasion of the silicone strips. The bra wants to slip down, but the silicone keeps it up and does so by sticking to the skin. Because the bra wants to slip, and it’s sticking to the skin, then it pulls at the skin which causes the blisters. That’s my understanding of why it happens.

  3. Sue says:

    Hi I absolutely LOVED the wonderbra ultimate strapless, and it was fine. Then I got new ones and it leaves me rashes and blisters in the shape of a bra (exactly where the non slip silicone is), so I’m sure it’s a new highly allergic formula of silicone. Such a pity, it was by far the best bra ever.

  4. Gemma says:

    I have worn this bra all day today and just havnt felt right but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. My back begin to ache I just though I was tired. Whilst I was washing up my back felt as if the bra was scratching me so I took it off and took a look in the mirror to my horror my back is all blistered and my front is raised and has a rash where the silicon has been on my skin. I searched on google and came across this thread.

    • Thanks for commenting Gemma, and I’m sorry that you’ve had the same experience. I cannot believe Wonderbra are refusing so steadfastly to talk about this issue – it’s a serious issue.

      • pheladi says:

        I dropped several emails to the lady called Mitchel(Consumer liason officer)She promised to make a follow up but never came back to me so im taking the legal route now, Very disappointed. My back is horrible and just afraid in case there any medical side effects.My colleague also experienced the same problem

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  6. Caitriona says:

    I cannot believe this bra is still on sale!! I just bought one at the weekend and it’s a great fit. I wore it today and came out with blisters exactly as you have described above – if only I had seen this blog before I bought it!! Sent Wonderbra a PM on facebook so waiting to hear back. Very disappointing!

  7. Michael says:

    I was very distressed to see almost identical blisters and marks on my wifes back after one day of her wearing this bra. She has red welts about 8″ long across her back and more on her sides. The blistering appears to have gotten worse over night.
    We have taken photos and are contacting the makers as we speak. Not that I hold out much hope of a reaction. I will also be sending as many messages as it takes to get a reply on Twitter and Facebook. I’m sorry to hear other women are suffering the same problem and hope you all get some kind of recompense.


  8. christine says:

    I loved my strapless wonderbra but as I write this I am suffering with blistered raised welts mainly around the sides of where my bra sat comfortably at the time. I didn’t actually feel any discomfort whilst wearing the bra but as I took it off I did feel a pull on the skin. I cannot wear a bra at all today and some of the blistering is now weeping. Not sure whether this is just limited to wonderbra strapless bras but I do think that they should respond to the complaints, even if it is just to reassure us that this is being looked in to and being taken seriously.

  9. Flo says:

    I also got a skin reaction with strapless wonderbra. A few hours after wearing it I felt that skin around it was getting itchier and itchier. When I took it off I had big red patches all around. The following day for the next few days I had lots of small red dots all around my chest and back. All this is gone except that I can still red dots around my stomach. I can’t see my back so there could be some there. I was told to wash it so I can wear it again but I’m scared it’s going to leave even more scars.

  10. Moni says:

    I bought 2 bras in Edinburgh and I had an allergic reaction to the bra? It was just with the lace model. The other nude bra model was OK. Not sure if it only happened to the lace bra as it was a very sunny and hot day when I had it on.

  11. Zoe Thomason says:

    I have had the exact same problem and currently have 4/5 blisters and the some red marks exactly where the silicone sits on the bra. When I asked in the store I bought it, and at another branch, I have been told that they have never heard of this before! and I was the first incident, after googling, I am finding I am not. I was also told by one assistant, that it was a ‘latex’ allergy, which I know is not right as I haven’t a latex allergy, and it is silicone on the bra, which I also believe I am not allergic to as I have other bras with strips of silicone along the bottom.
    I have never had a reaction like this, and am finding it very irritating. I am surprised that such a large and respected company are failing to reply to people’s complaints, especially as I did love the bra, the fit and shape was perfect, just such a shame it caused such a reaction.

  12. Amma says:

    I’ve had the same issue with the bra resulting in permanent scarring. Their responses are deflecting blame from a fault with the product and rather an issue with my skin which is very disheartening. I had to seek medical attention and take a course of antibiotics as it was that severe. They are well aware of the issue and hence have asked me to contact their independent consultant to discuss.

  13. becca says:

    The same thing has happened to me, I have never been allergic to anything in my life (33) and when I took off my new wonderbra (the ones with the finger supports) I realised I had lines of blisters exactly where the sillicone had been, the marks are still there five days later so I googled it and found your blog to see if it was common. I just hope now I dont get scars.

  14. Cheryl says:

    I haven’t worn the Wonderbra that all of you ladies are blogging about. BUT, I had the same exact experience (red, raised, hot, itchy welts) a couple years ago when I was diagnosed with varicose veins in my LEFT LEG ONLY. With health insurance rules/regulations, I was required to wear prescription strength compression stockings. Needless to say, why on earth would I want to wear anymore than absolute necessary… So I opted for a toeless, thigh high stocking in nude. I was measured/fitted, instructed on how to put it on & take it off, care for my soon to be $70 stocking (yes, one leg=$70) and it was ordered. The first couple of days were fine but looking back I don’t think I wore it for many hours. Then, all h*ll broke lose…no kidding, it was the worst uncomfortable unbearable pain you could imagine around the top of my thigh. I removed the stocking, skipped the next day (thinking I had done something wrong when I put it on), then tried it again. I put it on & immediately noticed I still had the welts from 2 days earlier on the inside & back of my thighs. What happened??? Within a few short hours I was peeling this awful stocking off my leg swearing the insurance company & how they control our healthcare by making people wear such devices!! I contacted the pharmacy, explained my problem, and immediately she said “you have a SILICONE ALERGY”!!! Who would have ever thought??? Luckily, I had never opted to surgically increase my breast size because all I could think of is two huge flaming implants reacting against my body and setting my chest on fire. I’m sure that’s exaggerating but you get the idea. The pharmacist ordered a stocking for me that fit like a chap – no not chaps like a cowboy wears – ONE SINGLE CHAP! Lol Of course there was no silicone and I needed something to adhere the belt and side portion of the chap to my body. I found a product called “It Stays” roll-on body adhesive made by Jobst. I love this stuff!!! I do not wear the stocking any longer…had vein surgery…but I have several bottles of “It Stays” on hand for anything that needs to “stay put” on my body. It’s water soluble so I’m not sure if it will help with holding a bra during perspiring, but when used correctly (no oils, lotions on your skin) it works a lot better than the double sided tape for avoiding wardrobe malfunctions.

  15. Salve says:

    I have had the same reaction several times to all strapless bras that have silicone exposed . My back had lines of blisters and still have superficial marks/scars even after a month. If the allergy is due to the exposed silicone or rubber material in the back to keep the bra from slipping, wouldn’t it make sense for the manufacturer to use cotton material or wrap the silicone with cotton material to prevent such reaction especially in warm weather? I understand that it defeats the purpose of keeping the bra from slipping, but having the blisters/irritation is far worse. Does anyone know of a great push up bra that does not use such exposed silicone material?

  16. Laura says:

    I have had exactly the same thing. I had one of these bras a year ago and I did not have a problem, now I have a new version of the bra and I am covered in blisters and red marks, which are very sore! I have complained to wonderbra today and I am waiting for a response. I have never been allergic to anything and I’m not normally allergic to silicon. I am very concerned and I do not wan to be scarred.

  17. Sarah says:

    I have had exactly the same issues- and now have a scar to prove it ! As I washed this Bra and had worn it once- feeling a bit uncomfortable but the blisters only came out on the second time of wearing- it is definitely an issue with the Bra. On going to my GP he now thinks I have a latex allergy so I do really need to know what it is in this product I am allergic too. It is disappointing to say the least Wonderbra don’t bother to reply.

  18. I had the same thing from a Triumph bra. I had blisters down one side and it was bloody sore.

  19. I did contact Triumph and was told it’s fairly common to react to silicone and not to wear the bra all day!

  20. Rebecca says:

    The very same issue. Blisters!! Horrible painful blisters!! It doesn’t matter what brand. The idea that this bra was a good idea is a BAD idea!! There are bras out there that don’t have this and you really have to look. This problem has made some expensive bras useless. You would think that Wacol would know better! Shame on these manufacturers. These are friction burns!

  21. Claire says:

    Another victim here. I use latex gloves and rubber cutting collars etc at work and have no reaction at all. 6 hours of this bra and i have puss dribbling out of the blisters on my side. I am utterly disgusted that it hasn’t been recalled from sale with such a high number of complaints

  22. Well, It could be that some people react to the bra and some do not. Women’s bodies differ from one another. Also, it could mean that their product could really cause some allergic reactions. We don’t really know until someone tests the products or the company admits it themselves, the latter is somewhat impossible though.

  23. Amy Solomon says:

    I have been left with permanent scars from the ultimate strapless Wonderbra. I wore it for one day and had blisters which popped around my ribcage. They took weeks to heal and the scars are now grey and very ugly. As a woman who take pride in my appearance and looks after my skin I am really upset. So far Wonderbra have taken 6 weeks to respond and have offered me two of their products as compensation. They say strict testing is done on their products to make sure they are safe.

  24. Jessica says:

    Hi, I’m from Sweden and I actually got a reply from Wonderer regarding my allergic reactions on their Ultimate strapless. They wanted me to send the bra back to them in the States, as if there were one single bra that was the problem. Now I know it’s all their bras with silicone, which is suppose to be free of allergens.

    Know this is an old post, have you gotten any reply or update on this matter yet?

  25. Tania Fullgrabe says:

    I wore mine yesterday and couldn’t believe the relief I felt taking it off but didn’t give it another thought till this morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror at my back. 8-10 cm blisters on both sides. One ‘popped’ the second I ran my finger over it. The second blister is larger and noticeably raised and quite tight and I won’t touch it but this is the first time I’ve had this happen! Found this site when I looked for evidence that this might have happened before! I’m shocked!!

  26. julie says:

    I had the same from a boux Avenue bra.

  27. Tanya Bridges says:

    I bought two if the wonderbra ultimate strapless one in nude and one in black. Had no problems with the nude but after wearing the black one for the first time today I have raised blisters on the right side of my back where the strap was….. weird?

  28. I phoned Debenhams where I purchased 2 of these US bra’s and they were only too happy to give me a full refund, no questions asked plus I didn’t have my receipt. Even one of the shop assistants said she had the same problem with the blistering. My dreadful blisters have mostly burst now (a week on) and are actually bleeding (even my bed sheet this morning had blood on it). I know I will probably have scars too. Just can’t believe these bra’s are still being sold and no comments from Wonderbra?? I have taken photo’s if anyone wants to see.

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