Stars of Spring: Fauve

Fauve Lingerie Annalise

It definitely doesn’t feel like it yet, but Spring is fast approaching and with it the long awaited SS12 lines are creeping out between the stripped sale rails.

Having missed out on getting any end of season bargains (couldn’t handle the e-scrum, especially on websites without all the functionality needed for painless multi-size searching or European delivery) I’ve been refreshing pages like a blogger possessed, waiting for something fresh to capture my attention.

Fauve has definitely caught it. Freya’s luxe big sister has exploded in to spring with some real crackers, and so far for me is the stand out brand of the season. The lovely Annalise, above, is a beautifully feminine set, perfectly walking that line between floral and chintz. And the brocade-style Emmanuelle in lipstick – which while I’m fairly sure isn’t as new as it’s being billed (wasn’t it a love that couldn’t be from last season?) – is still gorgeous and well worthy of investigation.

Fauve Lingerie Emmanuelle Lipstick

I am also in love with Veronique in Grape, below, for being elegantly boudoir without edging in to bordello… Purple totally outstrips red in the bedroom – boys, take note.

Fauve Lingerie Veronique Grape

And if that wasn’t enough, look at what’s coming in February. The Moonstone colour of this Dali is going to look great with a whole spectrum of skin tones, and I’m all for pretty off-white alternatives to boring white bras. Especially in that lovely minty colour. Oh Fauve, you dreamy thing.

Fauve Lingerie Dali Moonstone

As for sizing, I advise caution – in the past, whilst I’ve found Fauve to fit perfectly in my usual Eveden size of 30G, it fits perfectly at its tightest hook. If possible, it’s worth trying a whole back size down/cup size up to ensure you get best value for money out of the sets – which (unsurprisingly, as Freya’s luxe big sister) are more expensive than other offerings this season. Of course, this means that – sensible hat on – my love for Fauve is unrequited – their bras start at a 30 back. I know there’s no future in it, but oh – sensible hat off –  what a wonderful first month or so that 30G would be…

Available from Leia Lingerie, and a number of other retailers online.

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15 Responses to Stars of Spring: Fauve

  1. Linda says:

    I have found Fauve to be sized like Freya, I would not advice on going down a back size/up a cup size at all and I have3 pairs of Fauve bras and can’t wait until the minty one hits the stores 🙂

    • That’s interesting! I tried Emmanuelle last year and while the fit was lovely on the tightest hook in a 30G it would have had a very short shelf life. But maybe all is not lost for me then………. *immediately spends £300 on lingerie* 😀

      • Linda says:

        But maybe it is because I am barley just a 30″ back, at the point where I can only wear them on the loosest hook.
        What annoys me with Fauve are they padded bras, which usually does not go up to a g or gg and if they did, due to padding, I have to size up so I would need a 30H in those.

        But I love them sooo much because they are classy and elegant and not just fun as most dd+ bras seem to be, all about fun, not much about sexy

  2. June says:

    I’m also one who lusts after their bras but typically being a 30H, I know it’s not going to happen right now either. 😦

    • 😦 They actually claim to go up to an H cup, but I can’t see which styles they mean…

      • June says:

        Really? I’ve never seen that either… actually even finding the bras in 30GG seems to be a challenge. What is your underbust measurement, I’m curious if I’d have the same problem with needing to size down (my underbust measures right at 30″)…

      • Linda says:

        I am 29.7 ” around my under bust but still find 30″ bras very tight and somewhat painful until I have worn them in

      • So interesting – I’m 29″ under bust and find 30″ loose these days! It goes to show how personal getting that measurement right is!

      • My underbust is 29″, so tend to be a 28″ in bands that veer to the big, and a 30″ in bands that are snug. If you can find one to try, it might be worth giving a 30GG a try (I don’t think any of the half-cup styles go to a GG, but the full cups do). They’re such gorgeous bras (they feel gorgeous on – certainly the Emmanuelle does) that it is a real treat for your lingerie drawer if it works…

  3. Karen says:

    I’m madly obsessed with the Dali in the green that’s out right now, but that mint color is gorgeous for spring and summer. I can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. Fiona says:

    I’m in love with the Veronique grape little number! The colour is so striking! I can’t wait to try it…and buy it! It’s beautiful!


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