Wishful thinking…

Freya Taylor Masquerade Lula Mai Bravissimo Parisien Plume

So it still smarts that I had to RSVP ‘no’ to all the press events of late, but next weekend a best friend’s hen-do is affording me an all too rare opportunity to duck in to Bravissimo near Oxford Circus to stock up on treats. As I’ve written before, it’s no fun being a G-cup in Amsterdam, and unless you particularly enjoy paying double for a rather slim selection of Freya your options are decidedly numbered. Next weekend, it’s payback… and what a wish-list I’m racking up…

(From top left…) First up, Freya Taylor. Based on the ever-reliable Deco shape, Taylor (which festively makes me think of Toffee Deluxes from Quality Street) is shaping up to be one of the most popular selling bras of the season. I can’t wait to try it, although am crossing everything that the rumours are true and they size more accurately than the classic Deco. I simply cannot keep buying imperfectly fitting bras because somebody(ies) have decided not to make something in a 28GG… *flutters eyelids at Eveden*

The eternally popular Lula Mai from Masquerade has been on my wish list for a long time, and this exclusive-to-Bravissimo colourway is so gorgeous I have to get G-Unit in to it. I love Masquerade and this is perfect for luxe-ing up the increasingly blanket inspired outfits I’m having to wear to survive winter. Please don’t let it make my pale skin look dead….

I haven’t quite gotten over the disappointment of missing out on Bravissimo’s stunning peacock Parisian Plume this summer, so I’m not leaving without trying this firework-like black and purple version. Secretly I hope it fits horribly, so I’m not forced to weep at the blank 30G markers on my browser. Oh PP, we could have been beautiful together…

Bravissimo Bettie Mae Bravissimo French Bow Bra Bravissimo Siesta Bikini

Mr B4J went immediately to this cute pumpkin-y Bettie Mae Bravissimo number, so I’ve promised to give it a test run. Shiny colours aren’t usually my bag, but I’m open to being pushed out of my comfort zone in my quest to get him excited about lingerie. All reviews so far have suggested this is a tricky one to fit, so we’ll see if he gets lucky…

I’m not sure I can pull off twee bows and candy stripes, but dammit if I won’t give this French Bow Bra a go. It’s also by Bravissimo, which is surprising – they really seem to be expanding their ‘sensational sets’ range exponentially. Good news for everyone, especially J+ cups not usually serviced by the main brands. Next year’s going to be interesting.

And no, I probably don’t need another bikini; but this bright red Siesta bikini by Bravissimo deserves a out-of-season shout out for being beautifully be-ribboned AND available up to a K-cup. I know I have a number of frustrated J-cup bikini-fanciers amongst my lovely readers… Hop to it!

Here I come London… Hurrah for the UK high street!

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