Saying goodbye to Busts 4 Justice…

Busts 4 Justice

I’ve known this day was coming, but today when I looked at the Busts 4 Justice Facebook today with a heavy heart I knew that, finally, it was time. Facebook have been archiving old group pages and confining them to the cached depths of the internet. And now, Busts 4 Justice – the page that brought down Marks & Spencer and finally stood up against poor DD+ practice on the UK high street and beyond – is to be retired.

Of course, Busts 4 Justice will live on – on this webpage, on Twitter, on Google+ (ha!), and even on Facebook in the form of a brand spanking new Page. It will continue to celebrate bra heros and challenge bra villains, and will bust for justice until poor fit and awful access is stamped out. In many respects, nothing has changed. But I can’t help feel nostalgic for the original incarnation of the group that took on M&S back in 2008.

That night working late in my bedroom, thinking up puns and ambling through Google image searches in an attempt to find the perfect thumbnail, I couldn’t have predicted the trajectory my life was about to spin off in.

It changed my life only for the better. I owe that Group page a lot, and I couldn’t let it slip away without a thank you. Busts 4 Justice 1.0 = you were wonderful.

Find Busts 4 Justice’s new home on Facebook here.


For my self-esteem and sanity I’ve tried to avoid YouTube but I’ll make an exception today. Here is our moment of triumph. Well, the moment of triumph that wasn’t me being told the day before over the phone in my bedroom before jumping up and down and bursting in tears….

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2 Responses to Saying goodbye to Busts 4 Justice…

  1. georg.ina says:

    OMG, for a moment you got me there! That was much scarier than “the horror” earlier. Pheeew!

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