Panache to start making 26 backs?

Panache Masquerade Lingerie Lula MaeB4J favourites and champions of big boobs and good fit everywhere Panache have raised speculation they might be considering a 26 backed bra after posting this to their Facebook page:

Panache Lingerie 26 Back Bras

The update, which prompted resounding cries of ‘yes’ from Panache fans, represents hope for the small backed/big boobed women so underrepresented in lingerie ranges. Because while cup sizes ranges continue to expand up through the alphabet, there has been little progress in back sizes.  Sub-28 backs have few options but to wear loose bands or have their bras altered, which inevitably compromises the fit. So not only would it be incredible for our long suffering, petite sisters, but it also represents a massive opportunity for UK family firm Panache – home of Cleo, MasqueradeAtlantis and the Superbra – to monopolise a gap in the market and prove themselves innovation leaders in full cup lingerie.

We look forward to seeing what Panache do next. In the meantime, you can encourage Panache to support 26 backs by visiting their Facebook page and commenting…


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13 Responses to Panache to start making 26 backs?

  1. Joanna says:

    “to monopolise a gap in the market” – as far as I know, you can order 26’s (55) from Ewa Michalak. But her bras/bands are so tight, that mostly you don’t have to and 28/60 is enough.

    • Hey Joanna! I know strictly speaking Ewa Michalak are in that gap, but they are so small I don’t think they can fill it! Panache have such reach and profile that it would mean giving many more women access to the size, and encouraging other brands to venture more below 30 as well. That said, anyone reading this who would like to investigate while Panache make up their minds, check out Ewa Michalak here:

      • Maybe I’m mistaken – but aren’t Ewa Michalak 60 (28) and 55 (26) backsizes special orders, meaning they are produced an demand and therefore you can’t return or exchange them?

        However, 26-backs by Panache or any other brand would be a great achievement and I keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

      • I think they do 28/60 as standard and some ranges in 26/55. 24 is special order. 24 backed Brittany did the best review I’ve seen on sizing – you can check it out here :): But yes, fingers crossed for Panache!

      • Joanna says:

        Indeed, 28/60 and 26/55 are only on demand. I only wanted to say, that Panache wouldn’t monopolise a gap, because, it is already possible to order such small back sizes, even if it’s still not that comfortable, because of no possibility to return or exchange. But I guess, for some women it’s better solution to risk than to wear to loose 65/30. And as I said, the bands produced by Ewa are really tight, so for many of you, who need in other british bras 26 or 28, the 65/30 by Ewa (which is her smallest standard range) would be enough.

  2. En Bouton says:

    I definitely agree there’s a need for bands smaller than a standard 28, but I’m confused about how small a 26 band would actually be! I don’t think it can be defined as “the right size for a ~26″ underbust”, because some people need a much tighter band than others. Maybe it would simply measure about 26″ fully stretched.

    Speaking for myself, I have quite a thin build and this actually makes it harder for me to wear tight bands; there’s just too much pressure against my ribs, especially from the underwires. I measure just under 26″ and mostly wear a 28, sometimes 30. Everyone is built differently, but I wonder how common this is among very slim/small-framed women? I’ve heard statements along the lines of “if slim women fit into 28-30 bands, really thin women must need 22-26 bands”, and whilst I’m not denying the need for sub-28 sizes, I don’t think it’s quite as simple as that.

    Re. Ewa Michalak: unfortunately, 28/60 is no longer part of their standard range, although as with the 24-26 bands it can be special-ordered.

    • This is a really valid point – I know some people are quite vehement that everyone should wear their underbust but for lots of different reasons this can be uncomfortable. That said, I think a lot of very slim women with bigger boobs, certainly G+, prefer any discomfort that may come from tightness to the discomfort that comes from not having the band support. It’s totally personal and it’s always a journey to find the right size, but at least if Panache do take on the challenge of 26 backs petite and busty women at least have the choice to decide what’s right for themselves.

      That is sad and surprising news about Ewa Michalak – did they release a statement explaining why?

      • Joanna says:

        I presume that there where not enough customers who would buy this range on regular basis. I’m also selling bras of Ewa online and since we opened the shop in April I had one bra in 60B from Ewa and it is too tight for everyone until now. Unfortunately women which need smaller back size of her bras are exceptions.

      • I have read a few reviews that complain that they’re not as tight as reported, and I think people are nervous about committing to commissioning one if they can’t trust the sizing. I suppose at least if they’re purchasing a brand like Panache from Figleaves etc, they can return it if it’s wrong.

        It’s interesting what you say about demand in your shop – I almost feel like the cries for 26 backs have got louder only since 28 backs started to become more common, and ditto for 28 backs as 30 got more common. I think women are slowly becoming more aware about what is possible – and especially on very petite women on who even GG+ cups might not be very big.

      • Joanna says:

        There is one style, which is actually not _that_ tight, it’s CH Onyks or the white version CH Lilia. But all the others are actually very tight. If you could drop by in Berlin I would love to show them to you 🙂
        Yes, I also observe those cries, but I only on the Internet, not in the shop, for which I work. And as I said before, there is no comparison between tightness of Panache (which I also sell in the shop) and Ewa Michalak. For example: yesterday I was bra-fitting my flatmate, who is very sensitive and doesn’t like tight bands. I gave her Masquerade Tiffany in 30DD and Ewa Michalak CH Onyks in 70D (32D). Tiffany was still too loose and the band wasn’t parallel to the floor, Onyks was fitting perfect and was tight enough, not moving up or down on the back. And as I said, Onyks is rather a loose one.

      • I’ll pass this on – thanks Joanna! 🙂

  3. Tiuku says:

    I need a size 26 band. Ewa Michalak only makes them on request and you can’t return them so I haven’t ordered from them, instead I’ve been reading bra reviews and have been trying to find bras that are unusually snug in the band. Big bra bar does offer a bra in bandsize 26 too but in a very unpractical style and there aren’t enough cupsizes.

    I’m really waiting for the day 26 band bras hit the shelves!

    Someone was wondering just how small size 26 bands would be… I am 173 centimetres tall and my weight index is in the range of normal weight (I’m thin but not underweight or close to it). I measure about 26.7 around my underbust.

    Someone who needs a small band size isn’t necessarily very thin or petite. I’ve got curves on my hips and tights and my boobs are around GG-cup. Any of the fat in me just doesn’t settle around my ribcage area. It’s the way I’m built, my mother and sisters have the same body type.

    I can easily imagine that for some women a backsize 28 or even 26 isn’t small enough.

    Everyday I see women whose bodies look similar to mine. I think it’s not a question of whether small bandsizes are needed – I’m certain they are – the problem is that most women have absolutely no idea what to look for in a bra. Wearing a wrong cup size will throw off the fit of a bra completely. Many women don’t realise what size they need because there isn’t enough selection on offer. Many women don’t realise what size they need because the bra fittings are often HORRIBLY incorrect – either the fitter is trying to make you buy a bra the store stocks or the fitter simply doesn’t know what she’s/he’s doing.

    I live in the capital city of Finland and I have to order my bras online from the UK because I haven’t been able to find a single bra that is even close to what I need. Even if you are able to hunt down a back size 28 there just aren’t enough sizes available. The biggest cupsize I’ve found in size 28 has been an F cup (I’m converting to the british system). That’s the same cup volume as 30E, 32DD, 34D – Not that big at all!

    So YES, I’m desperately waiting for the bras in bandsize 26. I may throw a party when they come out.

  4. Ambystoma says:

    26FF (according to online calculator, 26″ underbust, 33″ overbust) waiting patiently here… I wear a 28DD – E at the moment but I would love to be able to buy MY size, not a “close enough” size.

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