Magical Masquerade: a sneak peek at Panache AW11

Panache Masquerade Lingerie Capella

Panache’s Masquerade collection never fails to turn up the glamour, but after a sneaky peek at their AW11 collection I think this season might just be their hottest yet.

Notably this season promises more vintage Hollywood glamour then ever before, and the sort of vintage styles that a: I’m a complete sucker for anyway, and b: convince me that by wearing them I too could be the sort of effortlessly stylish and capable woman I’ve always dreamed of becoming, possibly with a satin housecoat.

Immediately, I fell in love with this 50’s inspired Capella (D-G, above). It’s a beautifully classic set, and I love how understated it is: it’s a sophisticated and subtle slice of boudoir sexiness, perfect for warming up those long winter nights. And for those who want to turn the temperature up from warm to scorching, this Delphi basque (D-H, below) reveals a tantalising trail of stomach behind gorgeous lace detailing.

Maquerade Basque Delphi AW11

The unstoppably popular Lula-Mae (D-H, below) will return mid-August with a flourish, reworked in to this beautiful olive colour for the autumn. Favourite Rhea is also due to make a comeback too, in a luscious mulberry colour with slate detailing.

It would be nice to see Masquerade expand in to J cups, (perhaps next season…) but it’s a cracking collection to warm us through the cold nights. I’m already looking forward to celebrating their release with an indulgent lingerie spree. And a satin housecoat. And possibly some kind of beehive…

Panache Masquerade Lingerie Lula Mae

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2 Responses to Magical Masquerade: a sneak peek at Panache AW11

  1. H says:

    Are the Capella and Lula Mae bras a seamed bra (horizontal)? Or is the foam intentionally pointed? I always have a hard time fitting in Panache bras because they’re too pointy and tend to make me point to the sides and down, and they run a half cup size too small…I’ve never tried the Masquerade collection though.

    • Panache do come up smaller than other brands, it’s true. They’re both moulded bras: Lula Mae is known for giving a slightly pointed shape on some people. I think it’s pretty natural looking under clothes so it might be worth a try (it’s carried by Bravissimo if you have one in town…), but if your boobs just don’t sit well in that shape it just may not be right for you. I haven’t actually held Capella yet, though it looks a slightly different shape so worth a try. When I get my mits on one I’ll report back. If you like that kind of look, it might also be worth looking in to the Fauve range by Freya Lingerie if you haven’t already. Similar luxe vibe and not pointy. Do come up big in back and cup though, so bear in mind when trying…. x

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