Prima Donna Twist

Minutes after falling off the back of my boyfriend’s bike at a crossing, I stumbled upon a G-cup bra. If that’s how karma’s working for me these days, I can definitely take the bruises.

Calling to me from a boutique window was a G-sized set from Prima Donna Twist range. Fans of Rigby and Peller in the UK may know Prima Donna  – an extremely grown up European DD+ luxury lingerie brand – already.  It’s the sort of lingerie I could imagine wearing in twenty five years, if in the interim I become much more composed and elegant and less like the sort of person who gets and subsequently tumbles off backies.

Twist is Prima Donna’s more fashionable daughter.  And while she’s still elegant and luxurious and probably not the sort of woman who would ever lay sprawled in the dust on a Saturday afternoon, she’s simpler, more colourful, and much more accessible to younger customers.

Not me, alas. While they do cover a wide range of sizes (30-44 D-F, 32-44 G-H), my 28GG/30Gs just miss out.  Though at around £80/€100 a set, my bank balance might be pretty happy about that…

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2 Responses to Prima Donna Twist

  1. Astrid says:

    Hi there, quite a nice and very informative blog you have! I am from Holland myself and I am far from satisfied with the bra situation in continental Europa. Being a 30HH/32H myself now, several years ago I started buying all my bras online from British shops (Bravissimo, Figsleaves etc.). Still I must admit, Prima Donna is an excellent, very firm & very chic, but somewhat limited (in sizing) and rather expensive brand. However their under bands run much snugger than those from the Eveden company. You could compare them with Panache in the band, however their cup sizes run much bigger; I guess about two cup sizes. For example a GG cup in Panache is comparable to an H cup in Prima Donnna, even though a GG converted to European sizing is theoretically a J cup. Prima Donna probably uses a 3 cm difference between their cup sizes instead of the 2,54 cm (inch) and the standard European 2 cm’s. And they are not the only one. I think Felina and Marlies Dekkers do the same thing. And their bands are also quite snug too. But most European brands still ignore the really small band sizes and the really large cup sizes. The only continental European brand I’ve heard of with a ‘grown-up’ range of sizes – starting at a 26 band and going up to a (British) K cup – is Ewa Michalak. Frustrating…
    I am not sure If you tried something on from the Prima Donna Twist range – I must admit I only know their usual range (and I was smaller back then.) But if you are a 30G in Panache, you possible could fit a 65G in the ‘normal’ (for e.g. ‘Menton’, ‘Deauville’, ‘Satin’) Prima Donna bras.

    • Hmm you’ve inspired be to go and try Prima Donna again – I’ve been avoiding because of the size limitations but it’s worth revisiting if there are big cups and snug backs… Where do you like to shop? And thank you for saying hello, I’m very excited to hear from my neighbour-readers – I just wish I could still say hup Holland hup! x

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