Invest In Your Chest celebrates first birthday

Invest In Your Chest Birthday

Invest In Your Chest celebrates its first birthday this week, going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month and celebrating in style with a massive giveaway competition. I caught up with its author – one woman blog powerhouse Cheryl Warner – to chat lingerie, blogging, and getting your boobs out on the internet…

Happy birthday Invest in Your Chest! What inspired you to be a lingerie blogger?

Thank you! It all began last year when I was asked to conduct an experiment for Brastop and get fitted in all the big high street bra stores. I knew from personal experience that the results would be very erratic, unpredictable and disappointing – and I was proved right. The results were so shocking that Brastop were unable to publish them for fear of upsetting other companies. I decided to start an independent blog so I could say exactly what I wanted.

What’s your favourite thing to write about?

Fitting issues and newly-discovered brands which stock a 28 band and DD+ cup. I’m passionate about a good fit. I believe that you don’t have to spend a great deal or be super elitist about lingerie brands so long as you are wearing the right size. Sure, it’s nice to treat yourself to something beautiful which will last, but without the fit there is no point for me. I also don’t think good fitting pretty lingerie needs to cost the earth – I love my high street and British brands as well as finding new brands which offer style and substance.

What’s your must-have set for Autumn?

Just one? Can I have a top three? I’m torn between three bras sets. I’m besotted by the new Curvy Kate Thrill Me in purple, the Freya Nieve, and the Ewa Michalak Halfek – gorgeous!

If you could create one piece of lingerie for a brand, what would it be?

I’m dying for a longline bra and a babydoll in a 28 band. The first brand to come up with this will forever have my love.

What advice would you give to anyone just setting out?

Starting is the hardest part of blogging, the second hardest is keeping it going. Don’t do it because you want to be invited to swanky dos, get thousands of page views and get free stuff. If you’re good and passionate you might be lucky enough to get some of these things, but it shouldn’t be what drives you. If you want to blog about lingerie, do it. Or maybe dinosaurs? Go ahead. Just do it for the right reasons, and keep up regular posts to keep your readers interested. It is always useful to utilise social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about your site, plus I really recommend shopping around the different blog hosting sites to see which best suits your needs.

How does it feel having so many pictures of yourself out there on the internet?

Err, it took me a while to get there. At first I posted pictures of the bras I received in the post, then I moved on to ‘bust’ shots, but when I made the top 30 of Star in a Bra last October I decided – hey, I don’t look that awful in lingerie . My confidence grew and I thought if it could benefit my reviews then I’ll just go for it. My mum and brother have seen my blog and neither are bothered, I think if anything they are proud of what I have achieved. Getting my wobbly bits out isn’t what Invest in Your Chest is all about, it’s just to show the bra and how it fits on a ‘real’ body – no Photoshop, no messing about. I’m not ashamed of it and I don’t think any other bloggers who have followed suit should be either. At the end of the day my blog is written for women and the pictures are completely innocent – none are particularly ‘sexy’ shots and quite frankly if anyone chooses to take them as such I feel quite sorry for them.

What’s next for Invest in your Chest?

Long term I’ve not ruled out the potential to write professionally. Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a keen interest in fashion – not that I’m much of a trend follower but I did A Level textiles and having made my own clothes in the past I can really appreciate a well-made garment and all the design process that goes into it. I went to University to do English Literature because I was too afraid to ‘follow the dream’ which was fashion design all along – however I don’t regret it as this writing malarkey is suiting me down to the ground – maybe it was all meant to be after all!

I’ve started writing for various sites which I really enjoy as it gives me a chance to write for a different audience and have a bit of a different take on things. I write for The Lingerie Journal and Freya’s ‘Fitting Talk’ blog. I’ll continue to review new bras and brands, visit trade shows and give sneak peeks into the coming seasons, write up exciting lingerie-related news which takes my eye, communicate with my readers and take blog requests. And I have some new exciting news to announce soon so watch this space!

Thank you Cheryl, and keep up the amazing work!

Read more or find out how to enter the birthday giveaway at Invest In Your Chest.


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  1. Penny says:

    La Senza used do what are effectively 28 back babydolls (maybe even 26), although their website seems to have a much poorer selection of babydolls than they used to and none in size 6.

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