Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless: less than wonderful?

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless

I’ve waxed lyrical about Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless on more than one occasion, but after a good six months of my questions about an apparent increased occurrence of allergic reactions in wearers being ignored, I’m forced to rethink my recommendations. My former reviews will now link to this post, and I will no longer recommend the Ultimate Strapless.

It started when a friend said that her replacement Ultimate Strapless had caused blistering underneath the silicon strips. The blistering was painful and left marks. I wrote about it and reached out to Wonderbra to ask if the silicon recipe had changed: that my friend had worn and loved one US before without any trouble. No reply.

It wasn’t just my friend though. Here are some complaints taken from messages to me AND messages left unanswered on the Wonderbra Facebook page.

“I absolutely LOVED the wonderbra ultimate strapless, and it was fine. Then I got new ones and it leaves me rashes and blisters in the shape of a bra (exactly where the non slip silicone is), so I’m sure it’s a new highly allergic formula of silicone. Such a pity, it was by far the best bra ever.”  S, B4J reader.

“I have worn this bra all day today and just havnt felt right but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. My back begin to ache I just though I was tired. Whilst I was washing up my back felt as if the bra was scratching me so I took it off and took a look in the mirror to my horror my back is all blistered and my front is raised and has a rash where the silicon has been on my skin. I searched on google and came across this thread.” G, B4J reader.

“the Ultimate Strapless caused my skin to blister on my ribs where the band goes and I now have scars!!!!” E, Wonderbra UK fan. 

“I wore the bra all day yesterday and when I took it off I had a row of very raised blisters containing fluid at quite a high pressure, on either side of my ribcage where the cups meet the back of the bra. My doctor confirmed today that the blisters are not the result of the bra rubbing me and are very likely to be an allergic reaction to one of the materials in the gel strips. They are likely to take at least several days to go down and as a result I’m now unable to wear a bra at all.” K, Wonderbra UK fan.

So what do you say Wonderbra? Has the silicon recipe changed or is it a series of bad batches? And most importantly, how can purchasers experiencing allergic reactions contact you directly for refunds?

Readers, I’ll keep you posted.



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11 Responses to Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless: less than wonderful?

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  2. Henna says:

    Just, a few days ago, I read about US and thought I must give it a chance. Oops! Now I have to rethink! I’m glad I didn’t buy a pair before reading this.
    I’m also waiting for answers…

  3. Kimberly says:

    Wow that’s not good. Those blisters could leave scars. I’m not in the market for one, but if I was, I don’t think I’d pick this one by the looks of it. Thankfully, I already have a really good one that doesn’t fall or slip down and covers a lot better than the one in this picture you’re showing.

  4. Rachel says:

    Disappointed to see this, this bra was always on my to-buy list.
    Hopefully you’ll hear from Wonderbra soon and all will be well!

  5. me says:

    Was there any particular version/colourway of the bra that caused this? I bought the nude one but haven’t worn it for long yet so yet to see but just wondering if it was a certain colourway or if it’s a batch problem?

  6. Tanveer says:

    I recently purchased a Marks & Spenser’s Tee-Shirt strapless bra and have had the same reaction on my very first day of wear- angry, red welts all along the skin where the silicon grip touched me.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I wore the ultimate strapless bra to a garden party yesterday. When I got home late in the evening it felt quite uncomfortable on so I took it off about an hour before I went to bed. I woke up this morning and had a shower and it wasn’t until I went to apply my deodorant that to my horror I came across numerous raised blisters filled with fluid on my side just below my breasts. I obviously went into a complete state of panic at the site of them and not only am I extremely angry, it has also left me in a lot of pain and completely unable to wear any item of clothing or a bra as it touches the blisters and aggregates them even more than they already are. Never again will I ever purchase a bra from wonderbra and I can only hope that what has happened to me will stop others before they experience the same thing.

    • Rashna begum says:

      Hi the same exact thing happened to me, when I read your comment it felt like I had written it! I was on holiday in Singapore and it ruined my holiday! The day after it happened I was due to attend a wedding and I was in so much pain with the blisters. I have complained to john lewis and it is being dealt with right now, I have been left with horrible scarring which looks awful. I can’t believe they get away with selling such a product!

  8. Amy says:

    I too have got a huge blister and scratch mark on both sides of my rib cage following wearing this bar to a wedding. It’s painful and has scarred. Have Wonderbra done anything about this yet? Have they even issued and apology?

  9. Cherrisse says:

    Same thing for me!! I’ve noticed a lot of dark marks and blisters where the US bra lies…..I didn’t want to believe it was the bra because it fits so well but I have to stop wearing it

  10. Siberia says:

    Googling “wonderbra+rash” led me here. Same thing happened to me, and the blisters took days to come off. Now it has been one month and a half, and I still have dark marks in the shape of silicon stripes on my back. This will certainly take a while to disappear. The bra holds very well though, perhaps just a bit too “snug” as to induce rashes…

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